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About us

Service Principles

All too often, human services operate as impersonal systems, becoming system or service-centred rather than person-centred. Affirm Care is committed to putting people with disability, their families and carers, at the centre of all we do. We are committed to five person-centred Service Principles.

Affirm Care service principles diagram

Individualised – We tailor our services to our client’s needs

Everyone has their unique talents, strengths and challenges. We affirm and build on our client’s talents and strengths. We help them to overcome their challenges, by providing the services they want in a way they say best fits their situation.

We also work with our clients to express their individuality and grow their independence.

Culturally Secure – We behave in a culturally respectful and safe way

Western Australia is a vibrant, multicultural community. We know cultural values, beliefs and practices are part of a person’s identity and way of living. Affirm Care is a team of professionals from many cultures. We value and use the diversity of our team to ensure we behave in a culturally respectful, responsive and safe way.

We also work with our clients to strengthen their connection to and participation in their culture, where this is part of their personal goals.

Relationship-Based – We build caring supportive relationships

We want to build long-lasting, genuine relationships with our clients to provide the care and support they want from people they trust. We build trust by taking time to get to know one another, being respectful and acting with integrity at all times. We are non-judgmental, and affirm our clients’ worth and self-esteem. We wholeheartedly value being part of our clients’ lives.

We also work with our clients to strengthen and widen their connections to other people.

Collaborative – We work with family, carers and service providers to support our clients

We see ourselves as part of our client’s support network, which may include family, other carers and other service providers. We work together with others in their support network to provide the best holistic (whole of life) and integrated support we can, while still giving our clients choice and control.

We also work with our clients to strengthen and widen their support networks.

Outcomes-Focused – We work towards real improvements in our client’s life

Our services need to make a positive difference in our clients’ lives. We work with clients to understand what matters to them and the outcomes they want to achieve. We then create a plan together to get there and track progress together towards achieving those outcomes.

Our vision is for all people with disability to be empowered to live a dignified, independent and connected life, so we work with our clients to build their capacity and create opportunities to realise this vision.


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